Tips for Mario Kart 64

Tips for Mario Kart 64

In this opportunity, we are going to give you some Tips for Mario Kart 64, one of the most incredible and successful games developed by Nintendo. The Tips will help you when you look hampered by the game, to pass the levels and to know some things you do not have to know.

First of all we recommend you to think about the best kart and vehicle for your own style. You sholud think about big or small ones, or about the fast or slow ones. Moreover, you should balance between the design and the specific characteristics of the cars. Maybe Funcky Kong or Flame Runner are the more chosen by the players.

Second, we recommend you choose the character that you consider is the most aproppiate for you. You will be able to choose among Mario, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Luigi ,Wario and Bowser. They are all different in weight, speed, turning and acceleration so you sholud be really secure when you decide which you prefer. The different characteristics will give you the possibility of explote a lot of abilities.

In third place, we recommend you use a rocket star at the beginning of the race to have a quick adventage over other players. This type of tip will help you to be successful on the differents levels. In fourth place, you sholud learn how to do a trick, for example, is better that you stay as low as possible at first because it will give you air time to speed up until the career ends.

Finally, it is important that you look for as many shortcuts as you can. This is important because you can take advantage of other players and avoid some obstacles that could slow you down and make you lose the level and the game. Also if you want to download the game, you can visit this page: Download Mario Kart 64 for Android.

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