Tips and Tricks for Minecraft

Tips and Tricks for Minecraft

Minecraft  an independient video game of building, a type of free style game developed by Markus Notch Persson, and lately developed by his company Mojang AB is brought to you to discover this new sensation of playing it. Do you want to know the best tricks to play it?


This thrilling video game involves adventure, exploration and creativity in which the player has to survive in a world compused by blocks or slabs, which are similar to the game Lego, and we can handled it at our will.

Tips: To survive in the minecraft world  you  noy only need a home, a sword and a few tools, but also you will have to look for food. This is because our character is an image of the real life and need to be fed with the sources of the game. The food and the tools are not easy to find and you have to be careful with the unknown environment.

The trick for you is that when you are exploring the area you need to be alert to survive because there are huge and terrifing criatures that will attak you. These criatures live in the night or in dark places, so don´t panic and try to put your arms together to make a better hit.  Remember that the maximum endurance that each character has is a total of ten hearts, in other words 20 pounds of health.

Do you want to give Minecraft a try? Click the link beneath and download it know to be the best!

Download Minecraf for Android

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