Playable Characters

Playable Characters

We are going to describe you some of the characters you will find in Mario Kart 64 Video Game. Surely, you know what Mario Kart 64 is about but if you do not, we are going to summarize it: this app is about carrers, karts and tracks.

The main objetive is to obtain the items in each game mode and in the levels and have fun alone, with friends or relatives. Continue reading to know more about the fantastic characters of the game.

As you can see on the image, there are eight characters that you can select to play with Mario Kart 64. Each one have their own special characteristics of driving. If we want, we can divided them in three big groups according to weight, although among themselves they are different. The first group is made up for the light ones (they are Peach, Toad and Yoshi), the second group is made up for “the middle ones” (Mario and Luigi) and the last one is “the heavy group” (made up for DK, Wario and Bowser).

This incredible and fantastic characters have different weight, speed, turning and acceleration but to choose among them and decide who is the best for your own style you will have to probe each one. What are you waiting for having fun with the app of Mario Kart 64?

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