How to Play Super Mario Run

How to Play Super Mario Run

On this opportunity we bring you the new awesome video game for phones: Super Mario Run. It is a video game of plataforms designed by Nintendo for movile devices. It was launched in september 2016 by iOS company. Do you want to play it? Let´s see the best way to play it.


On this video game, Mario, the main character, can automatically run from right to left in order to let you control it all with one hand, while you touch the screen to make jumps. Take into account that if you press the screen seconds longer , Mario will make higher jumps.

The style of the game is similar to the ones of the same serie of Mario, where you have to prevent Mario from bieng caught by enemies and the dangers of the road, while collecting coins and gaining more lives for Mario.

The goal is to make Mario arrives withuot danger up to the end of the level in the best record of time possible.

Furthermore, you need to gain control of the situation and avoid any obstacles on the road. Remember that this game is available only for android O.S whereas you need to have total access to the Internet.

If you like this comments, try Super Mario Run now! There is a link beneath were you can download it all in a sudden.

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