How to Install Android Marshmallow on your phone

How to Install Android Marshmallow on your phone

We bring to you the new application for your cell phone, tablets and all the devices that has the operating system Android: Android Marshmallow. This effient, light and economical updating can make ypur phone faster and cleanned.


Android Marshmallow was braunched the 28 th of July in the Google I/O´s event known as Android MarshmallowIt is all about better improvements ad new characteristics.

Android Marshmallow saves energy for important occations. For example, when your device is inused, Doze puts the device in suspention way automatically. on this way, the phone can set on the following day alarm, even if you have forgoten to charched it. It is such a relief!

Also, the apps that you frequently don´t use, don´t waste the battery any longer: The App Standby limeted the impact on the use of the battery, to let it have more day hours.


Amazingly, you can forget about thinking of long passwords to lock your cell phone. The Android Marshmallow allows you to introduce your finger print as a password. Once you unlocked digitally, you can get into Play Store and your safer apps.

Reember, to be able to use this application, you must be connected to the Internet and of course you need to have a device with Android S.O.

Install Android Marshmallow on your phone

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