How to Download Super Mario Run

How to Download Super Mario Run

Do you want to play Super Mario Run? We are giving you the oportunity to download it and start playing it as soon as you get it.


Super Mario Run is a challeging platform video game in which you have to save Mario from the enemies. As you may know form the others games of Mario Bross, you can touch the screen and make Mario jump into the air. In doing so, you are able to collect as much coins as you can. However, touching the screen not only allows you to collect coins, but also to avoid being kept by several obstacles.

Once you are playing Super Mario Run you have different levels, all of them even more challenging, the speed and the obstacles came all in a sudden. You also need to be concentrated in order to scape from a huge monster that blocks the entrance to the next level.

The graphics are terrific! There is a new line of colours and Mario is dressed up for the ocation.

This game is available for phones that has Android System as well as being with total access to the Internet.

If you want to star playing it, press the link beneath and download it as fast as you can.

Download Super Mario Run

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