Game Modes

Game Modes

Today we are going to present you Mario Kart’s Game Modes. As you surely know, Mario Kart 64 is a video game developed by Nintendo and dedicated to the ones who love the karts, the tracks and the speed. This new version of the video game is considered superior because it offer the users different Game Modes. Continue reading to find out this originals Game Modes.

In the first place, we are going to describe you Mario Grand Prix, one of the most required Game Modes. One or two players are going to compete against other players in a group of eight pilots throw the four circuits to achive the prize. To pass to another circuit, you sholud be among the firsts four in achive the goal. The one who obtain the most quantity of ponits will win.

In the second place we are going to explain you Time Trials Game Mode. This one is exclusive single player. You are going to run your kart alone in the track to improve your marks up to speed. There is no final objetive, the most important thing is to improve yourself.

In the third place, we present you Versus Mode. This is a Game Mode for two, three or four players. The participants will be able to choose the circuit and the size of the kart. You sholud be prepared to compite for everything.

Finally, we are going to describe you Battle Mode. In this Game Mode can also participate two, three or four players. The track is going to be developed in four close circuits with different estructures and differents paths. When the game starts, each player will have three balloons to bust. There is only one winner. Are you the one?.

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