How to download Mario Kart 64
November 29, 2016

Are you a fanatic of carting? Here, we present you an awesome video game: Mario Kart 64. This game is such an interactive and involving game that you won´t be able to put it away! The graphics are terrific, and it … Continue reading

Available Items
November 28, 2016

In this opportunity we are going to explian something about the Available Items for the video game Mario Kart 64 developed by Nintendo. This Items can be obteined in the circuits and tracks. There are Projectiles, Traps, Mushrooms, among others ones. The … Continue reading

Playable Characters

We are going to describe you some of the characters you will find in Mario Kart 64 Video Game. Surely, you know what Mario Kart 64 is about but if you do not, we are going to summarize it: this … Continue reading

Game Modes

Today we are going to present you Mario Kart’s Game Modes. As you surely know, Mario Kart 64 is a video game developed by Nintendo and dedicated to the ones who love the karts, the tracks and the speed. This … Continue reading

Game Tracks

This time we are going to tell you something about the Game Tracks of Mario Kart 64, one of the most successfull video games developed by Nintendo. We assured you that this app is incredible and fantastic to spend your … Continue reading

Tips for Mario Kart 64

In this opportunity, we are going to give you some Tips for Mario Kart 64, one of the most incredible and successful games developed by Nintendo. The Tips will help you when you look hampered by the game, to pass the … Continue reading