Best Antivirus for Smartphones

Best Antivirus for Smartphones

Tired of reseting your smartphone every time you have a malware or several virus? Don´t you worry about it as we present you the best antivirus a smartphone could have. Many of the world-known companies trust in Lookout Antivirus to keep enjoying with first level security.


Lookout is a mobile security firm started by graduates of the University of Southern California. The original name of the company was Flexilis. In 2005, the firm showed the vulnerabilities of smartphones to hacking via Bluetooth, in addition to other problems in mobile security.

Lookout was in use by about ten million devices within a year and a half after its official launch in 2009.

Lookout Antivirus for Android lets you know when there is an attempt of hacking. You will get a ring when your cell phone suffers from hacker attacks  affecting your safety, privacy or even your money accounts.

Lookout Antivirus is the unique security app that has ´All in one´ that:

-Find your lost iPhone or iPad from any place. You only need another device conected to the Internet to look it for.

-Save automatically the location of your device before it runs out of battery.

– Lookout antivirus makes automatically a backup of all your contacts.

-It shows you the distance between your iPhone and your Apple Watch, and lets you konow if they are going to lose the conection between them.

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