Basic tips for PES 2017: attack and defense

Basic tips for PES 2017: attack and defense

In today´s news, we present you a serie of tips on how to attack and deffense so as to be the best player on this video game. It is not woth attacking if you don´t deffense your players correctly. This advice is not only by touching the right buttons, but also by having good highlights.



Put out the necessary time to find the team and your style of gaming that you are looking for. Moreover, try to fit both concepts because each team and his template is designed to set better to one system to another. Although you can always make changes and settings from the main menu. Some people prefer to run long distances while others would rather play with a moderate rithm. In PES 2017 you will find the option ´change training´ in which you can choose between several colocations of players. We recommend you to choose the tactics that cober the background and that at the same time allows you to attack.


The best tip that you can use is to take pressure with your team. The most important thing that you should know is to get that the hole team moves forward in signal so as to avoid the rival to move the ball. It will be hard at first, but you will get used to it inmidiately!

Don´t wait to somebody else catches you! Play it now.

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